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About Me

 Throughout the many twists and turns my life has taken, passion for my art has remained a constant.

I live with my husband and teenage son, on the South Coast of England bordering the New Forest in an area known for being 'by sea and forest enchanted'. 

 My inspiration is drawn mostly (apart from the occasional flamingo!) from my daily walks along the coastal paths of the ancient salt marshes close to my home. I am captivated by the abundance of wildlife and ever-changing beauty of the area at any time of year. I feel incredibly grateful for the window into this magical world that I am afforded each morning - a world where the light and the mood of the sea are never the same from one day to the next, where a myriad of wading birds are always busy on the shoreline and where I can look up and see the silent grace of seabirds in flight. The smell of salt on the breeze is omnipresent and the peace and quiet is punctuated only by lapping waves, the cry of an oyster catcher or the chatter of skylarks. It is a world full of beautiful textures from rugged sea grasses to bleached driftwood, rocks worn smooth by the tide or the gnarled bark of wind weathered trees. My love for this amazing place is never ending, it is part of my soul and this is reflected time and time again in my work. 

My paintings are of mixed media, layers of plaster applied to boards, designs sketched directly onto the plaster and then etched to give greater depth before finally painting. I love experimenting with texture and create backgrounds that mimic the extraordinary patinas of the natural world which then provide an interesting contrast to the images themselves. My paintings have often been described as being a bit fresco like, with a weathered worn in look - I take that as a compliment!!

I find like most artists my style is constantly changing and evolving and hence over the years and the many moons that have passed since my art foundation course, my personal style and medium has evolved through many guises from pen and ink drawing, watercolours, calligraphy, illustration and acrylics to wood carving and working with clay. I am proud to also hold a diploma in interior design and have had significant experience with decorative paint finishes. However this latest technique is a combination of all sorts and my favourite so far!